VOC - Air Quality

VOC (volatile organic compounds) and air quality measurement have become an important need, especially after Covid-19. VOC devices measure values such as air quality, temperature, humidity and pressure. These USB flash-sized devices get their electricity from the USB and transfer their data to the internet by a local network once it is connected. Soft Touch Technologies company was looking for a solution to the inability of high precision measurement of existing air quality measuring devices and to high installation cost. We offered the company an R&D business partnership to solve these problems. In this project;
  • We eliminated the need for installation and technical knowledge
  • We have designed a system so that the end user can easily pick up the devices and activate them on their own
  • We have provided an infrastructure installation in the cloud system, which corporations can also use, monitor, take action and open to the authority of different users
As an Indata company, in this hardware R&D work, we designed and implemented all processes from data collection to management portal and mobile application.