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Air quality measuring device

USB size measuring device ; It measures the proportion of particles in the air, temperature and pressure values. With this measuring device, you can make your living spaces healthier, and keep the temperature and pressure values โ€‹โ€‹of your product storage environments under control.

How the device works ?โ€‹

Step 1

Device; It measures the desired parameters thanks to the sensors placed on top of it.โ€‹

Step 2

The device transfers its measurements to the cloud system thanks to the internet connection. The data transferred to the cloud system is stored here.

Step 3

If you wish, you can view the data, perform graphic analysis, and create complex alarm systems thanks to the management panel that you can purchase with the device

Which parameters can be measured with VOC ?

measuring areas
Enterprise Application Software
Ground level ozone
Particulate pollution
Carbon Monoxide
Nitrogen Dioxide
Sulfur Dioxide
To be added soon :
Carbon Dioxide

Installation and start of use of the device

After you place the device you took out of the box in any place where USB connection can be made and start the internet connection, your device starts to measure.

If you want to view your data in detail,

You can purchase our management panel to create detailed alarm systems and manage your device settings.

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