Honda Mutluhan, one of the first Honda dealers in Turkey, continues its sales, showroom and maintenance services in the automotive sector. At Honda Mutluhan, which operates Honda's largest service dealer, there was a need for a system where work time plans could be kept and work efficiency could be measured. At the same time, it was not possible to monitor the insurance and damage files in the incoming repairs. In order to solve these problems, we designed an integrated system with existing ERP systems. We have made the following improvements with this system:
  • A Multi-Device Management system was established, where employees can manage with tablets in the field and computers in the office.
  • Features such as automatic reporting and sending SMS to the customer were provided. 
  • It allowed them to save time by integrating the data into the company's DMS (Dealer Management System) 
  • With this system; Employees can get work order information on the tablet and monitor their work. It also became possible to analyze how much time was spent on each job and whether the standard working time was adhered to.
This way, up to 30% of working time was saved in a short period of three months. At the same time, we provided the company with an integrated tracking system by enabling them to track all insurance-related processes from start to finish for damages filed with insurance files.