• Creating work order plans for the parts to be produced.
  • Analysis and reporting of data related to the offer and order on the basis of number and amount, which is an important need for the customer.
  • Calculation of the difference between the planned processing time and the actual processing time and measuring efficiency.
Thus, we have provided a production tracking system where they can manage all processes in the factory, from proposal stage to quality control and delivery to the customer. This way, by regulating the company's process times, an increase in efficiency of up to 20% was achieved in processes.

Founded in 2015, UniqueTech Engineering is a company that has become an expert company on laser cladding, hardface applications and laser hardening. UniqueTech provides services in an important area by producing customized products on special orders. It was not possible to keep track of  the processes of the parts coming from the customer in the company. UniqueTech needed a production management tracking system suitable for their specific production processes, which they could not provide from standard ERP systems. For this need of the company, we developed a quality tracking software completely specific to them and their special order situations through analyzing their production processes, production sites and needs. With the software solution we provided to the company, we provided the following;