Bilir Printing Press

Founded in 1997 and serving in the printing industry, Bilir Basım is a company whose work has been documented with the ISO 9001-2008 Quality Assurance System. Production is made on special orders at Bilir Matbaa. The problems that the company sought to solve were as follows;
  • The fact that the products that would be sent to printing by taking their orders did not have a system in which they could be monitored by the production.
  • Machine-Operator pairing was not possible
  • Inability to plan the workforce that needed to be spent
As Indata company, we have established a system called 'Order Design and Management System' to solve these problems. We used Cloud technologies while establishing this system.
With this system we created, we offered the following solutions to the company:
  • Transferring product order details to a digital platform,
  • Keeping special requests of the order in the order details,
  • Transferring the order details to the production area and tracking them from there,
  • Reporting, archiving and sending the orders that are monitored to the management by email,
  • Monitoring the product-machine workflow,
  • Calculation of the time spent on the machines and the amount of labor used,
Within the scope of this project, we produced functional solutions at low cost. The company achieved a 16% increase in productivity within 2 months.