Kaleseramik, Turkey's largest ceramic tile manufacturer, which pioneered the establishment of the ceramic industry in Turkey and has important brands that set the trends, continues to add new products to its product range every year. Kaleseramik was preparing extensive catalogs with the necessary architectural features and technical documents for these new product groups. The reasons why the company needed Indata software solutions were as follows.:
  • Manual generation of catalogs
  • The manufacturing process required tens of thousands of hours of custom design labor for thousands of products
  • Manual production process, causing a huge waste of energy and time
Kaleseramik needed a system that automates this process. With the software solution we produced in line with this need, we provided the following:
  • Automatic technical catalog creation according to the created template
  • High print quality output of these technical catalogs
  • A PDF production quality beyond the capabilities of a standard software
At the same time, we integrated the infrastructure we created into a software. This way, we have provided;
  • Ability to extract and transfer bulk data from existing ERP and PIM software
  • Ability¬† to produce professional technical catalogs in the desired format.
Thus, we have reduced the annual effort requirement of tens of thousands of hours by 90-95%. As a result, we have provided an effective solution by increasing the production speed of technical catalogs by up to 2000%.