Customizable Management Panel

A customizable white label management panel for all smart devices with wifi connectivity! Click now for more detailed information about this management panel designed as you wish, where you can view and manage the data of your smart devices based on location!

Control your smart devices from anywhere

You don’t need a computer to manage your smart devices. You can access the management panel from anywhere, with any device.

You can effortlessly manage your smart devices through a single panel.

Thanks to this customizable panel we have designed, you can control your smart devices, store the data you have obtained, create complex alarm and warning systems, and have a complex authorization system for your users.

Build complex alert systems for your devices

You can have your smart devices send you alert in situations that you specify.You can ask your computer to send a warning if it works more than the time you set. Or you can ask your air quality measurement device to send you a warning when the amount of particles in the environment exceeds the limits you set.

Simple and understandable data reading

We present you in graphs to make your data from your smart devices more understandable.In this way, you can analyze the changes in your data more easily, perform performance analysis, and in case of a problem, you can reach the source of the problem.

Create groups and control the data users can access

You determine which devices or which data the users you create will access. With the complex authorization system, privacy is no longer a problem for you.