Management Portal for your IoT Device

Now available in whitelabel, customized for your Brand !
Monitoring And Management Platform VOC

A customizable white label management panel for all smart devices with wifi connectivity! Click now for more detailed information about this management panel designed as you wish, where you can view and manage the data of your smart devices based on location!

You can effortlessly manage your smart devices through a single panel.

System-Specific Features
Monitoring and Management

We offer you all the data of your devices with user-friendly interfaces. We offer you the opportunity to customize these panel views.Unlike other management panels; No matter how big your data is, your viewing speed will always be very high!

Authorization System

You may not want the measurements of your devices to be viewed by all users. You can select the panels and devices that each user can access; You can create a complex authorization system. In this way, data privacy is no longer a problem for you.


You can view your data in the form of various graphs. We offer you the opportunity to customize these panel views. You can also view and analyze data with graphs.

Complex Alarm System

You can create complex alarm systems with the parameters you set on the management panel and the limit values ​​of these parameters. If the limit values ​​you set are exceeded, an alarm is generated on the panel and the user is informed. (For example: from your air quality measuring device; You can ask it to warn you on the panel when the amount of CO2 in the environment exceeds 15%.)

If you are looking for a control panel that can be customized for any of your smart devices with wifi connection,
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